A Wish to Remember - Oxford County Paramedic Services


Oxford County Paramedic Services has initiated a new wish-granting program that provides unique and personal experiences for patients nearing end of life in Oxford County. A Wish to Remember enables palliative care patients who are immobile or need constant care to go see or do something special they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Wishes could be trips back to their family farm, to go out for a special dinner or to visit the beach to watch the sunset. With full support from the patient’s family and medical team, Oxford County paramedics volunteer their time to arrange and transport patients to their desired destination, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. It was initiated by a local paramedic who saw a need for the service after her family struggled to find a way to take her uncle, who was palliative and nearing end of life, back to see his farm one last time.

Referrals to the program are made through the Oxford County Palliative Care Outreach Team (PCOT) or a Community Paramedic. Once a wish has been requested, a paramedic will conduct an assessment to ensure the patient meets the criteria for the program.