436455 43rd Line RR #2
Embro , Ontario
N0J 1J0

Stewing beef, ground beef, hamburger patties, short ribs, brisket, steaks & roasts

Produce both grain finished and pasture finished beef.

We offer a wide range of cuts that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of every family. A custom order allows you to choose your order with confidence. Whether it be specific cuts, grass-fed only beef, or size of order, we will always meet your particular needs. Contact us with any order questions so that we may provide the best service for you.

* This weight and pricing is hung weight before it is trimmed and packaged

A whole beef, a side or a quarter beef has approximately 1/3 roasts, 1/3 steaks and 1/3 ground beef. You may also order cubed beef for shish kabobs or for stewing. You may specify what cuts you would like, size of roasts, thickness of steaks, amount of ground beef per package and if you would like hamburger patties. The price per pound includes cutting and wrapping of the meat which is frozen when you receive it.