Milldale Burial Grounds

772754 Oxford 59 Rd
Norwich, Ontario
N0J 1P0
519-879-6921 - for plot/burial inquires only

The earliest burial was in 1873. This was a Friends Burying Ground. Located on Lot 7 Concession 7 of Norwich Township formerly South Norwich Township on Highway 59 at the Milldale Road. On the north driveway to the cemetery stand two large stone gateposts, on each pillar there are memorial plaques. The left plaque reads: ERECTED BY ALFRED E. MOORE FOR THE PIONEERS OF MILLDALE ? 1948. On the right plaque are the following words: IN HONOR OF M. BARKER AND FAMILY, DONORS OF THE FRIENDS CHURCH AND CEMETERY. ALSO TO OUR DEAR PARENTS EPHRIAM C. STOVER AND ANNIE GOWAN, BY THEIR 7 DAUGHTERS ? 1948. Newtown as Milldale was originally called was built near the forks of the Crystal and Big Otter Creeks. In the mid 1800s there were 3 operating mills, a store, a tavern and ten building lots. William Potter Barker by the early 1840s, owned 600 acres in South Norwich Township. The Barkers were devout members of the Religious Society of Friends. William and his family built a meeting house on lot one in 1876 and called the new structure Mill Dale Meeting House. The hamlet from then was known as Milldale. In 1877